Dragbike Racing "Getting Started"


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NZ Drag Racing Association Where to get the latest Rule Book Racers Forms & Licence
 Some Street Bike Racing Tips    By Dean Veale

Feel like you want to give drag racing a try??  Need to put that street bike of yours (or car) down the strip and see what it (and you) can do??   Well, you CAN!

What do I do?

 It is very easy to get into drag racing at a beginner’s level.  All you need to do is front up to your local track nice and early on race day, and sign on in the sportsman (otherwise known as Dial Your Own) bracket.  This bracket is specifically designed for beginners, it is run on a handicap system, where you state the fastest time that you can do. To keep things fair, if you go quicker than the time that you state, then you lose. Don't forget  anyone can win, no matter whether they are fast or slow, it is all in the start reaction time! So practice this on our Reflex Tester Page 

What do I need?

 For bikes in New Zealand, your bike must be licensed, have a current Warrant of Fitness and you must have a current New Zealand driver’s license (motorcycle). You will need a minimum standard of rider protection gear also, being an approved helmet, approved eye protection (not shades!), leather gloves, leather jacket, motorcycle boots at least 200mm high, and a pair of heavy trousers. DON’T  show up with clothing full of  holes or tears , or a helmet that looks like it has done 50,000 miles all on it’s own, because you wont be allowed to race!  Hopefully you will not show up on your 140mph bike wearing only “heavy trousers” !!! Full leathers are highly recommended for anyone on a bike!! Just remember that racers & spectators safety are a very high priority at Drag Strips in New Zealand.

How can I make it easer for myself? 

 It may be best to phone your local drag strip first, and let them know you are interested, so they can advise you of the exact procedure, and costs etc.  You will have to be, at least, a racer only member of  a recognized Drag Racing or Hot Rod Club. Normally, becoming a racer only member can be done on the day, for a nominal fee, but it is cheaper in the long run to join a club on an annual basis.

Where is my local Drag Strip?

If you are interested, please contact one of the drag strips listed in the New Zealand Drag Strips  section of the home page. If you are viewing this site from a country other than New Zealand, the procedure is much the same worldwide…….check out your local drag strip and go drag racing!

I would like to know more about the time cards given out at the end of each run?

We have explained most of the time card here The Time Card

I am very interested in building and racing a Dragbike who should I contact? 

For further information on Full Drag Racing Licenses, Medical Certificates, and Rule Books please visit the New Zealand Drag Racing Association's site on this link.      N.Z.D.R.A.   License application and medical forms can be downloaded from the NZDRA site.   

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